Massage – can it help me?

You don’t have to be special to benefit by massage. You can be old, young, out of shape, in shape, in pain, or just needing to relax. There is plenty of research to support its benefits for many medical conditions. It is in demand in some forward-thinking hospitals (because consumers request it!) where it relaxes patients, relieves pain and hastens healing, which translates into fewer pain medications and shorter hospital stays. It is becoming popular for sports, pregnancy, overall well-being, and as a great addition to self-care and relaxation.

I do a lot of Ortho-Bionomy®. It gently helps you access your own self-healing mechanisms, so you release tension patterns. It has few documented studies, but feels great, and is so relaxing, and helps you understand the stresses and what is happening in your life in a different light, and even works when you are in too much pain to be touched.

However, this blog is about how touch massage can help you. The blog link below is by Barry Hatfield, a colleague in the “31 Posts in 31 Days Challenge”. Read and find out how massage can help you.

Massage – can it help me?

Rosi Goldsmith, LMT

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